Fawley Infant School

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School Council

 Fawley Owl Council

Pupil voice is very important in our school.  One of the ways pupil’s can express their ideas is via the School Council.  Each class has representatives elected by their peers.  The School Council meet regularly to share and discuss views.


What do the children think is important about School Council?

  • They think it is important that as an Owl Councillor they represent everyone in school and carry forward ideas from their peers in class.
  • They believe they should be an outstanding role model to others in school.
  • School Council is fun and they enjoy coming to meetings to discuss important things.


The Owl Council have -

  • Decided there is too much paper being thrown away and the children want to use recycling bins more.
  • Planned and participated in planting a new Silver Birch tree as part of looking after our environment.
  • Planned and helped developed garden areas around the school grounds.